What’s Hurting Your Marriage and How Can You Resolve it?

a newly-wed couple walk down a grassy path

Needles and pins, needles and pins,
When one’s married, the trouble begins.

…. Not really. Love tops the list of why most Americans marry, according to a Pew Center Research Survey. And many people who remain married report that the factors that helped cement their bond in the long term were three things:

  • Shared interests
  • Satisfying sexual relations
  • Shared household chores

However, despite this, there’s one stark reality that we must face: divorce rates are on the rise. This means that marriages are breaking apart.

And this usually has to do with…

Life Stages

Often, when people think of the problems in marital life, they instantly think of infidelity and adultery. People will always assume their partner is cheating on them—which is true in many cases. But not always.

Life stages are one of the less-considered factors in a failing marriage.

Life stages are real, and everyone goes through them. These could also be why divorce rates are increasing so exponentially among older adults—middle-aged spouses, probably going through a midlife crisis.

Falling Out of Love

a couple holding hands

A lot of people will say they’ve “fallen out of love” with their partner. But is your love for your spouse like the foliage in the woods—or is it like the eternal rocks beneath? Can time change how you feel about a person when you feel so deeply?

After all, love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, right?

People don’t actually fall out of love—that is, assuming there was love in the first place. The initial infatuation does wax and wane, but the deeper Platonic bond doesn’t break. What happens is that you feel drained, monotonous, even frustrated. But that shouldn’t be reason enough to abandon love.

Lack of Communication

One of the biggest reasons for failed marriages is a lack of communication between the partners. Spouses will assume you’re cheating (when you aren’t), and you’ll be held responsible. Why? Because you failed to communicate properly.

The one thing that should never vanish from a marriage is two-way communication. Even if it’s just for half an hour, talk to your partner—and listen to them. Many clues end up confronting you, but you never notice them—because you aren’t talking, and you aren’t listening.

Solve Your Marital Problems

Marriage is like a habanero chili pepper. See:

the Mexican habanero chili pepper

Cute, isn’t it? Marriage, like this Mexican pepper, looks pretty and doesn’t sting at first. But wait till you’ve swallowed your first bite.

Then, it hits. And sometimes, the bite is too bitter to bear.

However, with help from Tatamokwena and our marriage spells, you can rekindle some magic back into your marital life. Love is a magical connection—and you’ll need some magic to revive it to its former glory!

It will be like the falling out never happened!

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